Tag: Jack Clark

  • AS 24: Startin’ to Lose It

    American Splendor scene #24 (1:10:45 to 1:14:55) — The scene opens back at Shay’s Diner. Another patron recognizes Harvey from the Letterman show — but not for the right reasons. Our man is angry and unfulfilled. Meanwhile, Joyce is looking for fulfillment of her own — as a creator and as an activist. Against Harvey’s wishes, she goes away to a peace conference, leaving him at loose ends. One lonely night, Harvey discovers a mysterious lump; his fear and loneliness are directed outward.

  • AS 6: Demon Record Hustler

    In American Splendor's sixth scene (10:00 to 11:11), the real Harvey Pekar sits at a fake yard sale, talking about his years as a used-record collector / salesman. Harvey's transition from collecting "sides" to collecting stories.