AS Bonus: Writer/Directors SHARI SPRINGER BERMAN and ROBERT PULCINI Interview

Josh & Dean sit down with American Splendor writer/directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini for a freewheeling discussion of the movie. Shari & Bob talk about meeting Harvey & Joyce, the writing & making of the film, their working method and creative choices, casting, memorable moments from the shoot, the film’s main themes, and Harvey’s legacy.

According to Bob, “Everything about the making of American Splendor was unorthodox and unusual.” For instance, the first day of casting was on September 11, 2001… Other tidbits include the surprising revelation that the film was heavily influenced by the Peanuts animated specials of the 1960s! Listen for that and so much more. As Shari says, “it was so important to Harvey to not be invisible, to not evaporate.” Well, thanks in large part to the American Splendor film, Harvey Pekar will live forever…

Shout-outs to producer Ted Hope, production designer Thérèse DePrez, Cole Porter’s “Night & Day,” Charlie Rose, script supervisor Michael Taylor, the Crumb documentary, the 1978 Superman movie, Twinkle’s Gary Leib & John Kuromoto, Josh Hutcherson, Hitchcock’s Rope, Seinfeld, Maud Nadler, HBO, the New York Times, Beef with Tomato, Twitter, Jeff Newelt, @RealHarveyPekarTweets, and Helen Mirren wearing a Harvey Pekar T-shirt!

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