AS 9: Back to ’75…

American Splendor scene #9 (14:32 to 16:23) — The flashback is over, and a famous but disillusioned Crumb is back in Cleveland for a visit. He and our man hang out at a random bus stop while Crumb sketches. His marriage over, Harvey is lonely and frustrated — he wants to leave a mark on the world. Harvey doesn’t buy all this “growth crap” — he’d be glad to trade some growth for happiness!

An appreciation of Urbaniak’s Crumb. The revelation that Pekar had actually written a few “underground” comics stories — some illustrated by Crumb — going back to 1972. What were the comics that made you want to become a cartoonist? The “healthy energizing competition” of Dean & Josh’s high school comics club. Josh’s transition from mainstream/superhero comics to alternative comics. Dino as multi-dimensional storyteller: “a testament to life.”

Shout-outs to musicians Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Mama Thornton, Jay McShann (again); comics creators George Pérez, John Byrne, Howard Chaykin, Frank Miller, Walt Simonson, Michael Golden, Roger Stern, and Neal Adams; and writer/filmmakers Woody Allen, Todd Solodnz, and Jonathan Ames!

Episode notes

from “A Dialogue,” American Splendor #7, ©1982 Harvey Pekar, illustrated by Sue Cavey

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