AS 7: A Rare Find, 1962 (with Eli Ganias)

American Splendor scene #7 (11:11 to 12:17) — Flashback to 1962. A fateful encounter: while searching for old records at a yard sale, Harvey meets shy greeting card illustrator (and comic book collector) Bob Crumb. Special guest: actor Eli Ganias, who plays the role of Pahls in the film!

Marty Pahls and “Marty & Pahls” — the real man who introduced Pekar to Crumb (and married one of Crumb’s sisters). Bits from “The Young Crumb Story”… Eli Ganias’ juicy behind-the-scenes stories: “arm-around” on the cutting room floor, trailer talk, accents, the other actors (Giamatti, Urbaniak, Davis), and much more. Eli’s thoughts on the American Splendor comic book (“a lot of text”). Shout-out to Dean’s HariKari Kane.

Episode Notes

Key panels from “The Young Crumb Story,” from American Splendor #4 (©1979 Harvey Pekar), art by R. Crumb…

Jay McShann record with a “lamination crack”
In real life, Harvey met Pahls & Crumb at the same time.

And here’s the origin of the infamous “arm-around” line that ended up on the cutting-room floor…

Artwork by Greg Budgett and Gary Dumm.

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  1. Eytan Mirsky

    I got the HBO book. They gave it to me as a present after the fact, along with pencils, a bobblehead, jelly beans, t-shirt.

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