AS 4: His Vow of Silence Begins

In American Splendor‘s fourth scene (6:06 to 8:00), Harvey’s wife decides this “plebeian” lifestyle just isn’t working for her anymore. Without being able to speak, our man is powerless to convince her not to leave him. Poor Harvey!

Harvey’s apartment sparks a conversation about “collecting” versus HOARDING. An appreciation of Paul Giamatti. The original American Splendor story — illustrated by Sue Cavey — that contributed to this scene, and its similarity to a singles ad (“Harvey on Tinder”). Josh’s dramatic reading from the script initiates a discussion of storytelling and the filmmaking process. Dino caps off the episode with his own “American Dilemma” — a hilarious tale of competitiveness, frustration, practical jokes, and how he started working with Harvey.

Episode Notes

“Plebian,” from “A Dialogue,” illustrated by Sue CaveyAmerican Splendor #7 (“The Big Divorce Issue”) (1982).

American Dilemma

By Dean Haspiel (from Keyhole #1, Millennium Publications, June 1996)

American Dilemma p. 1
American Dilemma p. 2

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