AS 3: Voice Trouble, 1975

In American Splendor‘s third scene (4:49 to 6:06), Harvey visits a throat doctor and exhibits a little hypochondria. Plus, he’s having marital problems.

The boys correct an error from the previous episode. They talk about the original American Splendor story that inspired this segment, and the differences between the comic and the film. A discussion of the early issues of American Splendor and notable Pekar illustrator Gerry Shamray. Josh talks about his early artistic influences and how he first met and started working with Harvey. Dino and his shirts (or lack thereof). A comparison of the scene as it appeared in the in the script as opposed to how it played out on film.

AS 3: Voice Trouble, 1975

Episode Notes

Relevant panels about Harvey’s vocal problems from “An Everyday Horror Story,” the epic 25-page piece illustrated by Gerry Shamray from American Splendor #5 (1980).
From “A Dialogue,” illustrated by Sue Cavey, from American Splendor #7 (“The Big Divorce Issue”) (1982). Harvey muses that his (ex)wife thought he was a “social embarrassment” because he’s a file clerk.
Also from “An Everyday Horror Story”: we hypothesize that the two friends Harvey and his wife Lark meet in San Francisco are the legendary cartoonists R. Crumb and Spain Rodriguez

“Ethnicity,” by Harvey Pekar and Josh Neufeld

Josh’s first time working for Harvey Pekar! Originally published in the Village Voice; reprinted in American Splendor: Windfall #1 (Dark Horse, 1995)

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  1. George O'Connor

    Great episode, I really dig the chemistry you guys have together, That said, I think that the episodes are a little too short! Just as you guys get all warmed up, juts as I’m really grooving to what you’re saying, Josh announces “well, it’s time to wrap it up.”

    • admin

      Thanks for the kind words, George! Sorry to be such a party pooper. Keep listening — I do believe the episodes will start stretching out a bit moving forward…

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