AS 25: You F***d Up a Great Thing (with Jeff “JahFurry” Newelt)

American Splendor scene #25 (1:15:00 to 1:18:33) — The scene begins with another Letterman appearance. But to quote Harvey, “between the lump and loneliness… [he] never felt more like a sell-out hack.” Harvey dons an “On Strike Against NBC” shirt and the show goes downhill from there, winding up in chaos. Joyce finally, happily returns, but the scene ends ominously as she discovers Harvey’s lump. Josh & Dean are joined by Jeff “JahFurry” Newelt (who edited Harvey’s online Pekar Project and graphic novel Cleveland)!

A discussion of GE, NBC, and corporate conglomerates. What Late Night with David Letterman meant to the panel. The revelation that Harvey had been offered his own TV show (which he turned down) — what would a Harvey Pekar talk show have been like? JahFury’s testimonial about Harvey’s importance as a jazz critic, enthusiast, and promoter of underdog greats.

Shout-outs to The Robin Byrd Show, Al Goldstein, Midnight Blue, Johnny Carson, Benny Hill, Emil Heifetz, Ed Piskor, William Fogg, Joe Zabel, Gary Dumm, Gerry Shamray, Billy Dogma, The Red Hook, and the pros and cons of mayonnaise.

Episode Notes

Relevant art from “My Struggles with Corporate Corruption and Network Philistinism,” American Splendor #13 (1988), art by Joe Zabel and Gary Dumm

And here’s a link to the treasure-trove of late Pekar pieces, The Pekar Project, edited by JahFurry, and featuring the art of Joseph Remnant, Rick Parker, Sean Pryor, and Vanessa Davis!

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