AS 24: Startin’ to Lose It

American Splendor scene #24 (1:10:45 to 1:14:55) — The scene opens back at Shay’s Diner. Another patron recognizes Harvey from the Letterman show — but not for the right reasons. Our man is angry and unfulfilled. Meanwhile, Joyce is looking for fulfillment of her own — as a creator and as an activist. Against Harvey’s wishes, she goes away to a peace conference, leaving him at loose ends. One lonely night, Harvey discovers a mysterious lump; his fear and loneliness are directed outward.

Harvey’s co-dependency; Need vs. Love. How the fact that this film was written/directed by a husband-and-wife team really comes into play here. An in-depth discussion of shading film and other Old School toning techniques. What do Robin Williams, Jack Clark, Bucky Dent, Mister Rogers, and Busta Rhymes all have in common? Fame vs. integrity, turning down jobs, and being mistaken for a celebrity. Spending time apart from your spouse. When Josh started doing trips with the U.S. State Dept. Standing up for what you believe in: how Josh’s passion to help victims after Hurricane Katrina gave him a focus for the kinds of comics stories he wanted to tell.

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