AS 23: Late Night with Harvey Pekar (with Ed Piskor)

American Splendor scene #23 (1:02:32 to 1:10:44) — The scene shifts to the Warwick Hotel, New York City, as Harvey and Joyce prepare for his appearance on Late Night with David Letterman! Despite himself, Harvey is a hit on the show and comes back for multiple appearances. Meanwhile, Toby becomes an MTV star. This episode we are joined by special guest cartoonist Ed Piskor!

Ed talks about how he discovered American Splendor, his appreciation of the anthology nature of the film, and his relationship with Harvey, including working on projects like Macedonia and The Beats. He gives a rundown on his career, including Hip-Hop Family Tree, X-Men: Grand Design, future projects, and Cartoonist Kayfabe. Also: some in-depth discussion of Hollywood Bob.

Shout-outs to Harvey Pekar dolls, Wizard magazine, Comic Book Confidential, “Palmer’s Picks,” Howard Stern & Pig Vomit, VCRs, Kazaa, Napster, burning sage, conspiracy theories, the Iran/Contra Affair, Gerry Shamray, Drew Friedman, Walden Books, Origins of Marvel Comics, Heather Roberson, Troma films, Jack Hanna, Terrence Sullivan, Heather Locklear, Jerry Seinfeld, professional wrestling, Evan Wilson, Chris Claremont, Alan Moore’s mysticism, swarms of flies, and never saying NO to freelance work.

Episode Notes

Ed Piskor’s covers for two Pekar projects: Macedonia: What Does It Take to Stop a War? and The Beats: A Graphic History

The cover of American Splendor #12, featuring Pekar and David Letterman (©1987 Harvey Pekar, art by Val Mayerik, colors by Gary Dumm)…

Panels from “Late Night with David Letterman,” American Splendor #12 (©1987 Harvey Pekar, art by Gerry Shamray)…

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