AS 17: A Burp, a Whistle, and a Cough (with Val Mayerik)

American Splendor scene #17 (41:38 to 44:32) — Joyce travels to Cleveland to meet Harvey in person — but will he be a “hairy ape” or a “young Brando?” The real Harvey sidles into frame. His opening line? “You might as well know right off the bat, I had a vasectomy.” The date begins with a handshake and dinner at a local family restaurant.

Josh & Dean talk to special guest Val Mayerik about his five years as one of American Splendor’s primary artists, his thoughts on Harvey and his work, and the question if there is any connection between Cleveland icons Harvey Pekar and Howard the Duck!

Vegetarianism, self-diagnosing, and hypochondria. An appreciation of Hope Davis (and her wig). Dean & Josh talk comics production — cutting & pasting before PhotoShop, and computer lettering vs. hand lettering. When Josh took out a personal ad… and now it can be told: Dean & his mom were on JOSH’s first date with his future wife. Shout-outs to Drew Friedman, Gary Dumm, Joe Zabel, Upstart Studios (Chaykin & Simonson), Ken Bruzenak, John Workman, Gary Leib & Twinkle, the Teen Titans & the X-Men, Sari Wilson, The Nation magazine’s personals ads, and Tofu Sam!

Episode Notes

Scene from “A Marriage Album” (American Splendor #10, ©1985 Harvey Pekar), with Joyce wondering which version of Harvey she will encounter. Framing art by Val Mayerik; we also spot art by R. Crumb, Sue Cavey, Gerry Shamray, and Gary Dumm… who else?

… and the hug at the airport when they finally do meet for the first time…

…. versus the handshake at the train station in the movie:

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