AS 16: Dear Mr. Pekar

American Splendor scene #16 (37:11 to 41:37) — Meanwhile in Delaware, Joyce Brabner is frustrated with her partner in the comic store, who has sold her copy of American Splendor #8 out from under her. Why does everything in her life have to be such a complicated disaster?! She writes to Harvey, he responds, and they soon discover they are kindred spirits. Phone conversations spark the beginning of a romance, and Harvey convinces Joyce to come to Cleveland to meet him in person.

A short history of comic book letter columns and the professional jobs & private romances sparked by them. Inviting strangers to stay at your house. Long-distance crushes, personal ads, and online dating. Forming meaningful connections with your readers. Dino’s anecdote of the blue pencil. Shout-outs to Comix Book and Chinatown’s Wo Hop restaurant!

Episode Notes

The final panel from “Garfield Monument,” the story where Joyce Brabner appears for the first time in an American Splendor comic. From American Splendor #9 (©1984 by Harvey Pekar, art by M. [Mitchell] Sonoda).

The original source behind this scene: “A Marriage Album” (American Splendor #10, ©1985 Harvey Pekar, art by Val Mayerik), in which Joyce introduced herself, gave a little background, and explained why she was contacting Harvey…

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