AS 13: From Off the Streets of Cleveland

American Splendor scene #13  (23:46 to 27:31) — We open with a montage of classic Pekar quotidian moments and close with Harvey proudly showing off American Splendor #1 to his co-workers. Mr. Boats returns and Toby Radloff appears for the first time! Finally, the real Harvey talks about how he comes up with his stories.

The joys & challenges of getting “professionally” published. A fuller discussion of “semi-auto-bio” and the choices required to form real life into compelling stories. Shout-outs to Keyhole, A.D., Bored to Death, and AS artists R. Crumb, Greg Budgett, Gary Dumm, and Brian Bram.

Episode Notes

Here’s Mr. Boats driving everyone away as he starts talking about the “Red Chinese Ballet”…

And here’s where his soliloquy came from: “Jack the Bellboy and Mr. Boats,” American Splendor #3, ©1978 by Harvey Pekar, art by R. Crumb.

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