AS 12: Words and Pictures (with James Urbaniak)

American Splendor scene #12 (20:21 to 23:45) —  Inspired, Harvey stays up all night writing. At a diner with Crumb, Harv makes a pitch for a new kind of comics. He shows Bob the scripts he’s been working on — and Bob offers to illustrate them for him! Plus: an interview with actor James Urbaniak, who plays the role of Robert Crumb in the film!

A discussion about the pros & cons of creative collaborations. Do Harvey Pekar’s artists get enough credit? The great lunchroom fight of 1984! Shout-outs to Stan Lee, John Byrne, Terry Austin, Raymond Carver, and Jay McShann (again).

Episode Notes

In this week’s scene, Harvey makes an impassioned declaration about the potential of comics, and about what he’s trying to do with his stories. Here’s where that speech came from: “The Young Crumb Story,” American Splendor #4, ©copyright 1979 by Harvey Pekar; art by R. Crumb:

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