AS 10: Give It Up!

American Splendor scene #10 (16:24 to 17:51) — a sobering moment in the VA hospital’s “deceased” files section leads Harvey to try drawing his own stories. Short on ideas, he flips through some old comics, including an issue of Dr. Quake. But the message he receives is… “GIVE IT UP!” Dino’s art featured this scene!

“Did you really believe brass and brawn could derail your destiny with fate?” — more behind-the-scenes details about how Dino connected producer Ted Hope with Harvey & Joyce, and how Dino’s art ended up in the movie. A discussion about why Harvey chose to make his mark via comics, as opposed to any other medium. Harvey’s scripts — did he wrote his stories in a stream-of-consciousness manner or did he plan them out? Stick-figure comics: a shout-out to Matt Feazell’s Cynicalman and Randall Munroe’s XKCD.

Episode Notes

Compare how Dean’s art is presented in the film (above) and what his original page looked like. Spot the difference? (It took until we did this episode for us to notice!)

The full “Give It Up!” page in all its glory. Story & art by Dean Haspiel.

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